Ocean Tides residential estate is located on the West Coast approximately 20 kilometers from Cape Town consisting of 77 full title homes of varying sizes. The estate is situated about 5 minutes walk from Big Bay and Bloubergstrand beaches and is walking distance from shopping centres and restaurants. The registration from the developer to the first owner occurred on 31 October 2005 which makes the estate relatively new but still old enough to instil a sense of nostalgia for some.

The estate has a spacious feel to it compared to some of the other estates in the vicinity which may be attributed to the layout of the units as well as the play park located in the center of the estate. Many of the residents have pets which makes it a common sight to see them set out for long relaxing walks down to the beach to give the dogs some exercise and get rid of the stress of a hard day at the office.

The convenient location coupled with the comfortable, safe and friendly environment and spectacular views make Ocean Tides one of the best kept secrets on the West Coast.

Homeowner’s Association Board of Trustees

Kerr Robinson

Chairman of the HOA. Management of all maintenance & maintenance budget

Jonathan Curtis

Manage security issues, contracts & liason. Manage security budget & gate access.

Jay Burger

Manage garden & common areas. Manage gardens budget.

Brian Mulholland

Work with Trafalgar to ensure residents comply with constitution & rules.

Jenny Macdonald

Management of all finances & overall budget.

Hennie Grobler

Manage communication media: website & newsletters. Ocean Tides branding & marketing & internal social events.

Tania Benade

A ‘floating’ Trustee who will handle special projects and provide back-up to the other Trustees if required.